Universal Towbar Electric Kits

Universal towbar electric kits used to be the standard method for supplying power to trailers or caravans. This is the lower cost option than dedicated “vehicle specific” towbar electric kits. Although universal kits do compromise on some features as a result.

Universal kits will provide all of the lighting functions required to keep your vehicle legal while towing your trailer or caravan. However it does not provide the additional benefits of vehicle specific towbar wiring. The universal kits also offer an audible C2 function. Which is required by law.

An example with universal electrics, your vehicles parking sensors and fog lights would not be disabled. Whilst you are towing as they would when using a dedicated “vehicle specific” system. Also this kit will not interact with built in stability programmes when towing like a dedicated system will.

Universal Electric Kits

Available in 13 pin7 pin and double electrics configurations we will have a kit for your needs. Furthermore, fitting instructions are provided so you are able to install yourself.

In the past fitting an electric kit to a vehicle involved simply connecting to the rear lights and that was all what was required. Today, modern vehicles have complex wiring systems built with advanced safety features which are computer controlled. Therefore, fitting an electric kit is no longer a simple process.

It is essential to choose the right electrics to suit your towing needs, whether you are towing a caravan, trailer, cycle carrier or anything else. We recommend contacting us on info@towingcentres.com, to confirm your requirements before making a purchase.

If however you would like to book a fitting please contact our sister company fitting sites. In Kingston Upon Hull or Rotherham for further information. They are NTTA approved and are happy to install new or test existing kits if you are having problems.

Universal Electric Kits


  • Lower priced option
  • Audible C2 warning for trailer indicators
  • Universal fitment


  • Trailer Stability Control not activated
  • Warranty is not protected
  • Parking aids are not disabled while towing
Electric Kits 13 Pin

If however your vehicle is under warranty or has in-built towing features. A better solution for your towing electrics might be our range of dedicated kits. Click to find out more.