Why Choose Towone?

Towone Towing Centre Towbar Fitting: Located in Kingston Upon Hull, Towone is a part of Towing Centres UK ltd. With a NTTA accredited 5 star workshop and trained staff they will be more than happy to help with all your fitting needs. Additionally they are also trained IMI level 3 in hybrid/electric vehicles system repair & replacement trained technicians, as well as providing a wide range of trailer services. They will also fit towbars you have providing they are suitable. You will receive an NTTA accredited service along with documentation to give you peace of mind. A two year warranty is also provided. In addition, you can also take advantage of a free safety check in a years time from your towbar fitting in order to assure you further.

Towone have approval from the NTTA and towbar manufactures for their services.

Furthermore, they keep up with the latest technology, they have all the latest computer technology for vehicle updates and re-programming after installation. In order to let your vehicle operate properly and safely while towing. Additionally, our Towone Towing Centre is fully NTTA accredited 5 star and tested yearly to ensure continued standards are meet for your peace of mind. These yearly checks ensure that both centres are always industry leading and up to date on all the new industrial and safety standards.

Please note that quotes given by our fitting centres will differ to the website prices. Due to extra costs and charges such as fitting charges, coding and labour. Furthermore, you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking.

Book Your Towbar Fitting Online

If you are in need of a Towbar fitting service. We have two fitting centres based in Yorkshire,  both are fully NTTA accredited.

You can contact them here to arrange a towbar fitting. Kingston Upon Hull and Rotherham.

Or you can simply choose the towbar style and electrics you require, pay for them and then we will contact you to arrange the time and date.

Towone Trailer Services

If you need your trailer servicing Towone can do that for you. Our fitting centre in Hull is fully equipped to help you get your trailer fixed and serviced. All you need to do is contact them with the details of what you want doing and arrange your booking. They are able to also provide free NTTA trailer safety checks.

In-addition to trailer parts Towone also stocks trailers that you can come to view and buy if you are in the market for a new trailer and wish to view some examples. You can pay them a visit to look at the available stock and buy your new trailer on the same day. With their full stock of trailer accessories you can also buy everything else you might need such as a number plate for your trailer.

Please note you can only get number plates from our physical stores number plates are not available on the website. Furthermore, they will ask you for documents such as your V5 logbook and Driving licence in order to print a number plate. We recommend calling Towone to confirm everything you and they need if you require a number plate.

Please note that quotes given on parts from fitting centres will differ to the website prices. Due to extra costs and charges such as fitting charges were applicable. Furthermore, if you are booking in your trailer you might have to pay a non-refundable deposit in order to confirm your booking.

Towone Towing Centre Additional Services

Additionally, Towone have a range of vehicle accessories from dash cameras and trackers to tow balls and covers. They can offer fitting of some accessories such as reversing cameras to find out more contact them. They will be able to arrange a booking and or the necessary parts you require.

Towone Towing Centre offers trailer hire as well. If you are looking to hire a trailer you can hire a trailer from our centre in Kingston Upon Hull. You can contact them for trailer hire using the details below. They have a range of trailers for hire, from small trailers to vehicle carriers. Therefore, you will find a trailer to fit your needs. Information on basic checks to perform before towing a trailer can be found here from the DVSA. You will be asked for documentation when you hire out a trailer the full list of required documentation is available on the dedicated webpage here.

Towone Towing Centre

Towone Towing Centre

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T: 01482 225645

E: info@towingcentres.com

Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 5:00pm

Sat: Closed

Sun: Closed

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Both Towing Centres UK LTD fitting centres are NTTA approved. Therefore, you can be assured you will receive top quality care and fitting no matter which of our two centres you choose. Additionally both fitting centres have their own NTTA page they can be found here; Kingston Upon Hull and Rotherham.

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