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We have a wide range of towbars available for may vehicles and styles.

Find the correct towbar for your vehicle by using our search. For example, if you require a flange ball, swan neck or detachable, you’ll find all available quality towbars which fit your vehicle. We have configured a wide range of filters for you to use which will narrow down our selection to only show what you want to see for your vehicle. Additionally, please note these prices are for supply only. You will be able to tow trailers and or caravans quickly and safely with your quality towbar.

Towing Accessories

If you are looking for a replacement or new tow balltow ball coveradjustable height couplings or bolts for your towing equipment. Then look no further we have a wide range of parts in stock for your requirements. Therefore, you can easily find what you need to improve or make safe and legal your towing equipment.

Towbar Electrics

To ensure that your towbar is legal for the road you will need to have working electrics.

Types of Towbars


Fixed Flange Tow bars

The most cost effective option, the most commonly used in the UK. You will find the tow ball attached to the tow bar using bolts.

Detachable Flange Tow bars

The newest type of towbar and works in a very similar way to the fixed flange. The tow ball is attached to the neck with bolts. You will find the neck removable from the bar using a lock and key.

Fixed Swan Neck Tow bars

Usually used outside of the UK. They are less adaptable than flange tow bars as they cannot be used with additional accessories.

Detachable Swan Neck Tow bars

Similar to the fixed swan neck, this style was the first detachable type to be offered. Cycle carriers can be used, but cannot tow at the same time.

Retractable Swan Neck Tow bars

Are perfect if you regularly use your tow bar and value the design of your vehicle. All you need is one simple hand movement and it is ready to use again.

Towbar Fitting Service

If you are in need of a Towbar fitting service. we have two fitting centres based in Yorkshire Rotherham Towing Centre Based in Rotherham and Towone Towing Centre based in Hull. Furthermore, both centres have been installing towbars for 40+ years they are fully NTTA accredited. With 5 Star workshops and trained staff, keeping up with the latest technology. In addition, they have all the latest computer technology for vehicle updates and re-programming after installation, with hybrid vehicle trained staff. Please note that quotes given by our centres will differ to the website due to extra costs and charges such as fitting charges. Furthermore, you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking.