Towbar Supply Only

To help you make your decision on which supply only towbars are correct for yourself, we have a search function that will list all options. We have listed for your vehicle and requirements. We also have, fitting instructions available to view by request by emailing:

Additionally, you can also email us for support and guidance about your options if you are unsure. Therefore, if you have a question about towbar types or additional accessories for your vehicle email: We will get back to you as soon as we can.


  • We supply towbars from world leading manufacturers such as Witter, Westfalia, Brink, PCT and Tow-Trust.
  • Therefore, you can be sure that the towbars you are buying are top quality.
  • As a result, you can be sure they are fit for porpoise, robust and safe for use.

Supply Only Towbars

Our wide range of supply only towbars should be able to provide you with a suitable option for your vehicle and budget. Furthermore, several different styles should be available (vehicle depending) allowing you to pick what suits your needs best.

The Types of towbar

Fixed Flange Towbar is generally the most cost effective option, it is the most commonly used in the UK. You will find the tow ball attached to the tow bar using bolts. Additionally, compatible with tow ball mounted accessories i.e. cycle carriers, bumper protectors etc. Which you will find mounted between the towbar and ball.

Detachable Flange Towbar is the newest type of towbar and works in a very similar way to the Fixed Flange Towbar. You will find the tow ball attached to the neck with bolts. However the neck is removable from the bar using a lock and key. The standard Towball is an Alko ball, so is compatible with Alko stabilisers.

Fixed Swan Neck Towbars are mostly used outside the UK. They are the less adaptable than Flange towbars as they cannot be used with additional accessories. Cycle carriers are available they cannot be used whilst towing.

The Detachable Swan Neck Towbar is similar to the Fixed Swan Neck, this style is the first detachable type to be offered. It is mainly used in Europe, and a cycle carrier can be used. However it cannot tow at the same time.

The Retractable Swan Neck Towbar is perfect if you regularly use your towbar and value the design of your vehicle. All you need is one simple hand movement and it is ready to use again. A retractable towbar is maintenance-free. The ball is always connected to the sleeve to ensure no dirt is left behind. Due to this reason alone, the retractable towbar combines all features of both the fixed and detachable towbars.

Also Avaliable Supply Only Electric Kits

  • Additionally, you might also want to look at our available electric kits.
  • Available in both Universal and Dedicated versions you will be able to find a safe, legal and affordable option for your vehicle to be able to tow.
  • Single 7 Pin 12N – Road lights only excluding reverse.
  • Double 7 Pin 12N/12S (If available on your vehicle) – These kits usually have 2 options, all road light functions and a permanent live feed or available with all road light functions and full charging system.
  • 13 Pin – These kits usually have 2 options, all road light functions and a permanent live feed or available with all road light functions and full charging system.
  • Furthermore, these kits are manufactured for the specific vehicle and connect to the manufactures correct fitting points
Fixed Flange Towbar Type
Supply Only Electric Kits

Supply Only Towbars vs Towbar Fitting

Here at we specialise in online sales of towbars and other towing equipment and accessories. Therefore if you would like a quote for about arranging fitting please contact our sister company here. The fitting centres in Kingston Upon Hull and Rotherham will be happy to quote for a fitting price. However they are unable to help with any website queries or support. Therefore, if you need help on the website please contact us on Please note that quotes given by our fitting centres will differ to the website due to extra costs and charges such as fitting charges. Furthermore, you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking.