Thule Aluminium Smartrack XT Chrysler Grand Voyager MPV 1996-2000 Raised Rails

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This is a complete roof bar system for a Chrysler Grand Voyager MPV 1996-2000 With Raised Rails We offer a range of bars shown below so you can choose the bars that are right for you

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Thule Aluminium Smartrack XT Chrysler Grand Voyager MPV 1996-2000 Raised Rails

This is a listing for a Thule Complete Roof Bar System. The items that we offer are the correct ones that have been recommended for each vehicle by Thule after extensive testing and fitting by themselves. If you wish to order different lengths of roof bars please see our roof bar shop which is here: Thule Roof Bars

We also sell a range of other Thule parts which are listed below:

About Thule Complete Roof Bar System

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Smartrack XT


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