Dedicated Extension Kits

Our range of dedicated extension kits are designed to extend the wring of the dedicated electrics we also have available. The listings on the dedicated electrics will inform you if an extension kit is required in order to have full functionality when towing. Therefore making your towing set-up legal and safe to use by utilising your vehicles C2 function.

Furthermore, the listings will inform you exactly which extension kit you require hopefully helping you make a decision on your new towing equipment. Therefore, you can be certain you are selecting the right parts for your vehicle.

However, you still need help on understanding if you require an extension kit then please contact us on  Additionally, we can support you in the decision of Universal vs. Dedicated electrics.

Our range of extension kits are displayed below.

Every effort is made to keep our stock levels up to date. However, if we discover the parts you want are out of stock we will contact you. To let you know an expected date or arrange substitution or refund.

If you are instead looking for a fitting service of your electric kit and/or towbar. Or if you are looking for a repair. Please contact our sister company here. They will be able to advise you over the phone/Email where appropriate or arrange a booking.

A full range of services are offered such as electric kits repair, testing or installation of additional parts such as extension kits and plugs. Including full installs of electric kits and towbars.