Towing Electrics

Towing Electrics

There are 2 main types of towing electrics for vehicles, Universal or Dedicated (vehicle specific). Universal kits are available for all vehicles, where as Dedicated are vehicle specific. Additionally, fitting a dedicated kit protects the vehicles warranty, works with the vehicles built in safe features and more. Furthermore, both types of kit ensure you can safely and legally tow. Additionally, Extension kits might be required when fitting a dedicated kit in order to ensure your towing equipment works correctly.

If you require a dedicated kit we have a search function to enable you to find the correct kit for your vehicle. Through it you can be sure you have found the correct kits for you vehicle and therefore make a correct choice for your needs. However, if you need additional help we are available for your questions at:

Use the images below to begin finding your electric kit.

Furthermore, if you are also looking for a Towbar where possible and available we have linked the correct sections in the listing.

Every effort is made to keep our stock levels up to date. However, if we discover the parts you want are out of stock we will contact you. To let you know an expected date or arrange substitution or refund.

If you are instead looking for a fitting service of your electric kit and/or towbar. Or if you are looking for a repair. Please contact our sister company here. They will be able to advise you over the phone/Email where appropriate or arrange a booking.