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Alternatively use our enquiry form. Or ring or email our fitting centres to talk directly with an expert. Looking for supply only? Then click here.

Booking a time for a fitting

If you choose to pay for your fitting through our website we will contact you ASAP to arrange a fitting time with you. Please note we do not offer a home fitting service and we can only fit towbars at our fitting centres.

How much does a towbar fitting cost?

Unfortunately, we can not give you an accurate answer without knowing what you want and what vehicle you have. This is due to to the fact the mounting points and chassis are different on every vehicle make. However, using our filters you can find your vehicle and see the available options and cost for fitting your towbar and electrics.

What electrics do I need?

Depending on what you are towing it will either have a 7 pin or 13 pin plug you can buy adapters but we recommend getting the configuration you will be using the most often, Furthermore, we highly recommend dedicated electrics on new vehicles with a warranty as universal electrics been unapproved parts can void the warranty.

Universal electrics will allow you to tow safely and legally. However, dedicated electrics will ensure full compatibility with any towing features your vehicle has.

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