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There are 2 main types of electric kit for vehicles, Universal electric kit or Dedicated electric kit (vehicle specific). Universal electric kits are available for all vehicles, where as Dedicated electric kits are vehicle specific. Additionally, fitting a dedicated electric kit protects the vehicles warranty, works with the vehicles built in safe features and more. Furthermore, both types of electric kit ensure you can safely and legally tow.

Electric Kits are a necessary part of your towing equipment. Depending upon your budget, warranty or cars features you can select a dedicated or universal electric kit. Where possible (manufacturer dependant) we have listed all the electric kits we have available using our search function and its filters you can find kits that are compatible with your vehicle.

Furthermore, if you are also looking for a Towbar where possible and available we have linked the correct sections in the listing. Therefore, making the process of buying the correct parts quicker and simpler. Along with, any additional accessories you may want.

Electric Kit, available in two styles Universal or Dedicated Vehicle Specific Kits.

Currently we have Brink and ECS dedicated electric kits available for purchase from our website. We are proud to stock the products of these world leading companies. Therefore, you can be sure that these products will work and are robust. We hope that our extended range of Electric Kits will allow you to make an easy, quick and confident choice.

Further reading on the differences between Universal and Dedicated electrics is below. If you still have questions we are here to help at: info@towingcentres.com.

Universal Electric Kits:

  • Available in three different options.
  • Single 7 Pin 12N – Road lights only excluding reverse.
  • Double 7 Pin 12N/12S – All road lights and full charging system. (If available for your vehicle)
  • 13 Pin European – All road lights and full charging system.
  • Please note: These kits will only operate the basic towing functions and will not interact with any safety features built into the vehicle when towing.

Universal towbar electric kits used to be the standard method for supplying power to trailers or caravans. This is the lower cost option than dedicated “vehicle specific” towbar electric kit. Although universal kits do compromise on some features as a result.

Universal electric kits will provide all of the lighting functions required to keep your vehicle legal while towing your trailer or caravan. However it does not provide the additional benefits of vehicle specific towbar wiring. The universal kits also offer an audible C2 function, which is required by law.

As an example with an universal electric kit, your vehicles parking sensors and fog lights would not be disabled whilst you are towing as they would when using a dedicated “vehicle specific” system. Also this kit will not interact with built in stability programmes when towing like a dedicated system will.

Dedicated Wiring Kits:

  • Also available in all three options.
  • Single 7 Pin 12N – Road lights only excluding reverse.
  • Double 7 Pin 12N/12S – These electric kits usually have 2 options, all road light functions and a permanent live feed or available with all road light functions and full charging system. (If available for your vehicle)
  • 13 Pin – These electric kits usually have 2 options, all road light functions and a permanent live feed or available with all road light functions and full charging system.
  • Furthermore, these electric kits are manufactured for the specific vehicle and connect to the manufactures correct fitting points.

Dedicated Vehicle Specific Wiring kits, sometimes known as ‘dedicated wiring looms’ or ‘plug in kits’, are becoming ever more popular for towbar electrics installation. Where the features are present, theses electric kits interact with the built in safety features on the vehicle. Also they can disable factory fitted parking aids.

Please note: Re-programming of the vehicle with correct software may be necessary to gain these functions where applicable when installing an electric kit.

Each towbar electric kit is designed specifically for the vehicle that it is fitted on. These electric kits interface with the vehicle systems in the same way as the vehicle manufacturer intended while towing. A universal option does not offer this level of function.

We are here to help

It is essential to choose the right electrics to suit your towing needs. Whether you are towing a caravan, trailer, cycle carrier or anything else. We recommend contacting us on info@towingcentres.com, to confirm your requirements before making a purchase.

Fitting Services

If you are instead looking for a fitting service of your electric kit and/or towbar. Or if you are looking for a repair. Please contact our sister company here. They will be able to advise you over the phone/Email where appropriate or arrange a booking.

A full range of services are offered such as electric kit repair, testing or installation of additional parts such as extension kits and plugs. Including full installs of electric kits and towbars.

The fitting centres in Kingston Upon Hull and Rotherham will be happy to quote for a service price. However they are unable to help with any website queries or support. Therefore, if you need help on the website please contact us on info@towingcentres.com. Please note fitting prices will be different to what is shown on the website due to included charges such as labour and might require a non-refundable deposit paid in advance to secure your booking.

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Every effort is made to keep our stock levels up to date. However, if we discover the parts you want are out of stock we will contact you. To let you know an expected date or arrange substitution or refund.