What are Dedicated Electric Kits?

Dedicated Electric Kits, also known as ‘dedicated wiring looms’, ‘vehicle specific’ or ‘plug in kits’, are today becoming ever more popular for towbar electric installations. These are the correct kit that can be fitted to the vehicle. As it is, designed to interact with the towing relate features on the vehicle whilst towing. A universal option does not offer this level of function.

The dedicated kit will take advantage of your vehicles native C2 function, be it audio or visual. Which is required by law.

Each dedicated kit has been specifically designed for the vehicle to connect the towbar wiring. Dedicated kits interact with the vehicle’s systems in the same way as the vehicle manufacturer intended. Due to the complexity of a dedicated wiring, it is obvious that this kit is more expensive than the alternative universal option.

ECS Dedicated Wiring Kit

Dedicated Towbar Electrics Kits


  • Vehicle warranty protected
  • Interacts with the towing related features on the vehicle whilst towing were available


  • Higher cost
  • Some vehicles need a software update

Available in 13 pin and 7 pin. Available on some vehicles as double electrics we will have a kit for your needs. Furthermore, fitting instructions are provided so you are able to install yourself.

If however you would like to book a fitting please contact our sister company fitting sites. In Kingston Upon Hull or Rotherham for further information. They are NTTA approved and are happy to install new or test existing kits if you are having problems.

Please note: Re-programming of the vehicle with correct software may be necessary to gain these functions where applicable.

Dedicated kits are designed for specific vehicles. Rather than soldering or using ‘Scotch Locks’ to connect the towbar wiring. Unlike universal aftermarket wiring.

Dedicated kits interface with the vehicle systems in the same way as the vehicle manufacturer intended.

Previously fitting an electric kit to a vehicle involved simply connecting to the rear lights. Modern vehicles have complex wiring systems and advanced safety features that are computer controlled. Therefore, fitting an electric kit is no longer a simple process.

It is essential to choose the right electrics to suit your towing needs, whether you are towing a caravan, trailer, cycle carrier or anything else. We recommend contacting us on info@towingcentres.com, to confirm your requirements before making a purchase.

Get us to fit your towbar and code your dedicated kit

If you are in need of a fitting service. we have two fitting centres based in Yorkshire Rotherham Towing Centre Based in Rotherham and Towone Towing Centre based in Hull. Furthermore, both centres have been installing towbars for 40+ years they are fully NTTA accredited. With 5 Star workshops and trained staff, keeping up with the latest technology. In addition, they have all the latest computer technology for vehicle updates and re-programming after installation, with hybrid vehicle trained staff. Please note that quotes given by our centres will differ to the website due to extra costs and charges such as fitting charges. Furthermore, you will have to pay a non-refundable deposit to confirm your booking.